XPERT® 40 Specimen Radiography System

When you need to identify fine details, in a wide range of specimens, in a short amount of time.

Easy. Cost Efficient. Mobile.

Easy to Use

The integrated optical camera automatically creates optical images enabling you to more accurately orient your specimen, every time.

Highly Compatible

The XPERT® 40 system uses most common specimen containers to reduce cost and preserve specimen integrity for Pathology.

Versatile and Mobile

Flexible design allows easy transport between departments, whether in the biopsy suite, pathology lab or operating room.

Extraordinary Specimen Visualization

Provides digital quality mammography and 2.3x magnification for increased visibility to detect even small abnormalities.

Providing high quality images with versatility and speed

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Frequently Asked Questions

What protective equipment is required due to the x-rays?

The XPERT® 40 is fully enclosed and all x-rays remain inside the system. No shielding or protective equipment is required to operate the XPERT® 40 safely.

How large is the detector size?

The detector is 12cm x 15cm.

How are the acquired images sent?

Click the “PACS” button to send acquired images to PACS or click “Import/Export” in the Patient Registration menu to export acquired images to a removable storage device.

How can the XPERT® 40 help reduce OR time?

Clear and readable images of the specimen can be produced immediately in the OR suite. This can save time when compared to sending the surgical specimen to Radiology and waiting for results.

Can I demo the XPERT® 40?

Depending upon your location, you may be able to evaluate an XPERT® 40 system in your facility. Please reach out to your local Mammotome representative or use the Contact Us form to learn more.

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