MammoMARK and CorMARK Biopsy Site Identifier

Rapid expansion anchors the marker in place for unsurpassed placement accuracy.1

1. MammoMARK™ Device Test – PRC043442 Rev B, pgs. 2, 5-6: Collagen Expansion

MammoMARK and CorMARK Biopsy Site Identifier

Expands Rapidly

The size increases by 300% within 60 seconds, reducing the likelihood of movement when releasing breast compression.1

Provides Clear Ultrasound Visibility

Increased surface area provides ease of ultrasound visibility at time of deployment.2

Enables Precise Placement

MammoMARK/CorMARK markers help with accurate placement in the biopsy cavity.2

Absorbs Fluid Quickly

MammoMARK/CorMARK markers assist in fluid management by quickly absorbing surrounding fluid.1

1. MammoMARK™ Device Test – PRC043442 Rev B, pgs. 2, 5-6: Collagen Expansion
2. Corsi, The American Journal of Surgery (2015) 209, 950-958

MammoMARK/CorMARK marker offers two distinct titanium shapes for better tracking of multiple biopsy sites.


“The most significant advantage we found with the MammoMARK is the ability to
consistently localize [it] using sonography.”

Krakos et al. Advantages of Using the New MammoMark Percutaneous Breast Biopsy marker – a Large Center Experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between MammoMARK and CorMARK markers?

The applicators are the only difference between the two markers. CorMARK are the direct puncture applicators and MammoMARK encompasses all others.

What are the MammoMARK and CorMARK markers composed of?

MammoMARK and CorMARK markers are composed of bovine collagen and titanium.

Do MammoMARK and CorMARK markers contain any nickel?

No, the markers do not contain any nickel.

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