Mammotome MR Vacuum-Assisted Breast Biopsy Device

Providing a legacy of confidence and trust to help capture the full diagnostic value of MRI. Mammotome MR is the biopsy system of choice for those high risk patients requiring the sensitive and specific power of MRI for diagnosis. Highly accurate and thoroughly market tested, Mammotome MR biopsy device provides high quality tissue samples and exceptional lesion access.

The Proven MR Biopsy Choice

Safe and Accurate Targeting

Mammotome MR biopsy targeting set provides imageability of the aperture to help ensure accurate positioning for effective tissue sampling.

Exceptional Access

Combined with the choice of two needle gauges (8 and 11) and needle lengths (115 and 145 mm), Mammotome MR biopsy device is uniquely designed to enable access to challenging lesion locations in the breast.

Increased Confidence

The Mammotome MR biopsy device can be operated in a grid targeting system or in a positionally stable pillar and post configuration.

Excellent Tissue Quality

Mammotome MR biopsy device utilizes DualVac technology to provide high quality tissue, even when operating in the challenging MRI environment.

Confidently target and access even challenging lesion locations with the support of multiple gauge sizes, needle lengths, targeting configurations and advanced vacuum technology.

MRI Guided Breast Biopsy Procedure

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Mammotome MR Pillar Post Procedure

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Breast MRI Overview for Surgeons

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“Millions of women have experienced the benefits of vacuum-assisted biopsy including lower underestimation rates, less pain and better cosmesis.”

Mammotome Breast Biopsy System
MDM# 12-0016

Frequently Asked Questions

What modalities is Mammotome elite used for?

The Mammotome elite breast biopsy device is appropriate for ultrasound-guided breast biopsy procedures.

What are the parts of the Mammotome elite system?

The Mammotome elite system consists of a reusable charging base and holster (packaged together) and disposable one-time use probes.

How can Mammotome elite help minimize procedural time?

Mammotome elite is a single-insertion device that provides a touch-free tissue transportation system. This saves time on repositioning the needle between each tissue sample.

How long does the battery take to charge?

A completely discharged Mammotome elite holster takes 200 minutes to charge.

Is a capital purchase required for the Mammotome elite holster?

There are multiple options for obtaining or using the elite holster, including options that do not include capital purchase in some geographies. Please reach out to your local Mammotome representative or use the Contact Us form below to inquire.

How long is the needle?

The Mammotome elite needle length is 12.5cm.

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